Dutch chief Rabbi warns of danger of “Camouflage antisemitism”, as the Hague anti-Israel protest is cancelled

NETHERLANDS, 12 September – A yearly memorial took place commemorating the first razzia (round-up), which took place in Enschede on 13/14 September 1941, when 105 Jewish young men were brutally collected from their homes by the Nazis, never to return.

Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs and Ferdinand Grapperhaus, Minister of Justice and Security of the Netherlands, were two of the speakers. Minister Grapperhaus was very clear in his warning against visible expressions of Antisemitism in the Netherlands.
The minister was very moved by the historic event that occurred in the beginning of the Shoah period, as this was an unknown segment of Dutch history for him, all the more so because he himself has visited Enschede often, since his grandparents came from the area. He was clearly able to lin the past with the present.
During his speech, Chief Rabbi Jacobs emphasised what he calls camouflage Antisemitism. Criticism towards Israel is allowed, of course, particularly that half of Israelis are criticising their own leaders. However, one has to realise that often behind such criticism there is often a dangerous underlying Antisemitism.

It was in this context that the Chief Rabbi strongly condemned a demonstration, which was planned to take place on 28 September, but which as now been cancelled, in front of the Israeli Embassy in The Hague.

“The demonstration is officially directed against Israel’s policies, but the organization involved is clearly using anti-Zionism as a camouflage for Antisemitism”, said the Chief Rabbi.

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