To realize true earth peace and human love

To realize true earth peace and human love, first of all, it is the narrow-minded ethnic consciousness that power lusters use most to gain popularity and support from the people.

By maximizing the narrow-minded ethnic consciousness, the power lusters try to gain the support and popularity of the people.

Narrow national consciousness destroys democracy, humanism and human love, driving the good people into inhumane killing of other races, as the Nazis did.

Recently, the power lusts of neighboring country is trying to create a communist society by instigating the people with a narrow national consciousness, destroying democracy and liberalism.

Similar things are about to happen in the northern powers and, of course, in the Asian Communist, one-party dictatorship.

A narrow-minded, similar abuse of religious minds is about to happen.

Ethnic groups are a colorful human flowers created by God, like national costumes.

Just as you love your own people, let’s love other colorful peoples.

When earthly human beings have the right ethnic and religious consciousness, the beautiful flowers of true human love will bloom all over the earth.

Then, at that time, the earth will move to the 5th dimensional world and will join the aliens of the 5th dimensional world.

Katsuki Uehara, Japan

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Katsuki Uehara, Japan

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