Weapon of the murder…

The Great Powers countries which make a super expensive weapon of the murder, and are going to hold superiority to other countries.

Desert is changed into the grain belt where green is rich in in no time if we make the sprinkler facilities of the super huge pipeline sprinkling the fresh water using the filter changing seawater into fresh water with just small part of the super vast money to produce the murder weapons on the very large desert and, from the face of the Earth, can exterminate starvation and starvation.

The men of power of the military-industrial complex of the Great Powers countries which fan a dispute in several districts, and sell a super expensive murder weapon, and are engaged earnestly in money-making and the country.

The Earth is a planet of the barbarian savage still now.

Katsuki Uehara, Japan




まだまだ地球は 野蛮な未開人の惑星なんですね。